4 Tips To Make Your Exhibition Stall Awesome

May 7, 2018 Off By Zara Ross-King

Exhibitions are a great way for businesses to communicate with their customers directly. It has been a launching pad for many big names and can certainly benefit any business. However, as effective as they are, maintaining a stall during an exhibition can be an arduous task and it takes something special to grab people’s attention. Here are a few tips to make your exhibition stall awesome.

Looks matter

When you’re at an exhibition and there is a sea of stalls and a bigger sea of people it’s very easy to just not see a certain stall. Most exhibition stalls come quite bare and if you want to stand out you need to look good. A loud but classy design is the way to go. Pay some attention to the design of your stall and use strong colours and strong messages to attract people. You will surely be able to benefit from this.

Be different

Most exhibition stalls are very much the same and people tend to get bored and lose interest. Try doing something different and this will help your stall in so many different ways. For starters, people will hear about your stall and will come looking for it. On top of that this will help people to remember your stall and your business. There are many things you can do here from an energetic demonstration to getting someĀ amazing 360 video production to give a unique experience.

Prepare well

Once the exhibition starts things are going to be hectic and in order to get the most from this experience you need to stay prepared. Have stocks of what you need whether it be products, visiting cards or even water bottles so you won’t have to run around looking for them. If there is any equipment that you need like chairs, sound systems and a good VR headset, make sure to have them on hand.

The social aspect

One of the most important parts of a stall is the people who work in it. Exhibitions are a way to communicate with your customers directly so it’s very important that this communication is done well. You might have to train your staff in marketing and how you plan to entice your audience. On top of that having a pleasant personality can really go a long way.Exhibitions can open up a lot of opportunities to a business and you need to do it well. With these tips, you will be able to get the most out of your exhibition stall.